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Hi! We’re The Food Gossip! Your ultimate food guide.

We believe good food is not only about how it tastes but who you taste it with.

We, The Food gossip team, are a married cooking duo who enjoy spending time in the kitchen and sharing a meal. All the awesome things we’ve discovered in food are documented in this comprehensive resource.
We can’t wait to dig out the old family cookbooks and offer our favorite tried-and-true recipes. We also share some of our own recipes that have been tried and true with our loved ones.
Food happens to us—every single day. It interacts with everything that matters to us, including our loved ones, health, finances, time, and contentment.
We’re like the trustworthy friend who always has your back in the kitchen, guiding you through each recipe stage, so you know precisely what to do. When you’re trying to master a pilau, biryani, or tikka, and when you’ve resolved to eat less of this and more of that, we’re here to help. 
If you’re looking for some culinary guidance, this duo will come to you, wherever you may be.